Crisps are one of the most popular savoury snacks in Britain today with an estimated 6 billion bags being consumed each year.  But where did it all begin?

It has often been argued that crisps were created by the American George Crum, but other evidence points to Dr William Kitchener’s early 19th century compendium The Cook’s Oracle which illustrates how to make your own crisps at home.

It was London-born Frank Smith (an apprentice green grocer) that first saw the potential of crisps as a marketable snack though.  He took over his bosses side-line of producing packets of crisps and by 1913 he was turning out 1000 bags a week to shops and pubs.  This operation proved so successful that he opened up a dedicated factory I 1920 turning out half a million bags a week and as they say, the rest is history!