Seasonal and Promotional

The beauty of the Crisp Bar is that any shape, size or design can be formed. Opening up new possibilities and a whole new market previously inconceivable within the crisping industry. Distinctive and interesting designs for special events such as Movie Releases, The World Cup, The Olympics, Seasonal Holidays or just simply novelties are now . . . .

Point of Sale

In 1952, Hawkins Stern, an economist was working at the Stanford Research Institute in Southern California where he spent his time analyzing consumer behaviour. During that year he published a little-known paper titled, “The Significance of Impulse Buying Today.” In that paper, Stern described a phenomenon – Suggestion Impulse Buying, which “is triggered when a . . . .

Benefits to the Manufacturer

Benefits to the manufacturer will involve being able to purchase any size and shape of crisping potato where other crisp companies cannot.  So even if it is a bad year for potato crops, your more likely to be able to continue using current suppliers than having to break deals with new ones.  Due to the . . . .

Consumer Benefits

The Crisp Bar allows its consumers to eat their favourite snack with one hand which leaves them free to read a book or carry shopping so its good for on the go people.  It also allows consumers to avoid getting greasy hands which gives it extra benefits over the traditional packet of crisps. Due to . . . .