Point of Sale

In 1952, Hawkins Stern, an economist was working at the Stanford Research Institute in Southern California where he spent his time analyzing consumer behaviour. During that year he published a little-known paper titled, “The Significance of Impulse Buying Today.”

In that paper, Stern described a phenomenon – Suggestion Impulse Buying, which “is triggered when a shopper sees a product for the first time and visualizes a need for it.” Often, if a product looks fresh or novel enough, people will notice them.

At present, confectionery is the largest food category at the checkout

Brits spend more than one year’s salary on impulse purchases including snacks.

Along with confectionery and soft drinks, crisps are one of the key categories bought on impulse in a convenience store and are absolutely critical to independent retailers’ sales.
The total crisps and snacks market is worth £2.8 billion in the UK. It is growing in value by 0.7 percent year on year, with slightly stronger volume growth. Surveys have shown that nine out of ten consumers impulse buy at least one item per shopping trip, with more than half admitting to as many as six. This is estimated to amount to a lifetime spend of around £50,000 for each individual.

In 2016 the estimated crisp market has been estimated at £1,084 million (Snacma)
With at least 70% of snacks bought on impulse, the crisping industry looses out on important sales at kiosks and checkouts due to their bulk. A reported 25% of people who can not find what they want will make an alternative purchase. The Crisp Bar however can be easily displayed at PoS due to the nature of its design. This is one of the many reasons that make the Crisp Bar such a compelling product.

The Crisp Bar can be easily incorporated into existing product identity or as a unique new savoury snack. For the consumer, a multi-pack will be a much simpler thing to store in the cupboards with its format being similar to that of a pack of chocolate bars or cereal bars. Convenience stores with limited space could use a display box also used for distribution at high visibility areas or even at the tills.