Benefits to the Manufacturer

Benefits to the manufacturer will involve being able to purchase any size and shape of crisping potato where other crisp companies cannot.  So even if it is a bad year for potato crops, your more likely to be able to continue using current suppliers than having to break deals with new ones.  Due to the small pieces of potato used in the manufacturing of the Crisp Bar, less potato will be wasted.  With this minimal wastage, less packaging being used and due to the compact size of the crisp bar, many more can be transported at any one time, thus the crisp bar can be considered more environmentally friendly.

Another benefit of the Crisp Bar is its box design as the box that they are packaged in can also be used to advertise and display the Crisp Bar as their storage tray on the shop shelf.

The Crisp Bar contains no extra binding agents, additives or extra ingredients, as it is the starch that is naturally produced by the potato that holds the crisp bar together.  The bonus of this is that the step of washing the potatoes in the crisping process can be completely eliminated.


Of course, the biggest benefit to the manufacturer other than having a novelty product to sell at the tills (which is proven to dramatically increase impulse purchases) is that for the next several years, they will be the only company entitled to manufacture and sell this product giving them a huge advantage over other crisping companies.